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New friends

At Haus Ov Where with @Alien (A23P) (not pictured). It was the first time we’ve met in person, and he is downright bubbly. He invited me out to his stomping grounds, introduced me to his friends, and made me feel welcome and special. #denver #federation

 from Diaspora
It was bound to happen :P
 from Diaspora
 from Diaspora
ahhh, it was a pleasure miss @alysonsee :-D admit though, while I feel it was in it's own way totally fitting to the eve, our talk portion of the went down absurdly LoL. Video of the talk should be posted soon though.

I was a bit surprised earlier in the eve by the sparseness (Smash is typically pretty filled), but then surprised again as there was a surge later in the eve (seemed to pick up considerably between 1-2ish.... guess it was the clubs closing maybe)..... which was kinda cool, as that's when bands and things had to start.

Anyhow, just realized we'll be away from the wrkshp again next weekend, BUT we will have a couple booths at the Maker Faire (and will have a good deal more of our workings out with us). So would have to wait a couple weekends before we could do a tour of things on that front. :(
we'll have some cool things about for the Maker Faire though

Hope to be able to link up again sometime soon.