A college friend died quite suddenly this week, and I'll be heading back to Michigan for the funeral. There's a lot to ponder her passing. Including how life doesn't give a hoot about your assumptions about how it works. I could go all deep here, but at the moment I am confused how a round-trip ticket from Denver to Detroit, which doesn't include a Saturday overnight, and was purchased less than 7 days in advance cost less than $100. I'm not complaining. But this was not exactly the cosmic balance I was hoping for.
 from Friendica
My condolences. Wishing you comfort.
 from Diaspora
Thanks, everyone, for thinking of me. While it’s weird to feel sad and excited at the same time, I’m looking forward to feeling sad with friends that I’m excited to see.

When in doubt, live a loving life.

Excellent advice, @Paul Alter . And thanks for the insight on the cost of the ticket. Maybe I should consider coming back to Detroit more often.