We won’t know just how worried we should be until we see the specialist (tonight or tomorrow). So, for good measure, we are practice-worrying right now. And giving her lots of loving.
alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Tue, 20 Nov 2018 00:51:44 +0100
Miss Roo developed an internal infection this weekend. We’ve had her at her regular vet today. But she needs to be seen by a specialist tomorrow (if not tonight). If it is what they suspect, the usual treatment would be surgery. But she is somewhere between 15 and 18 years old and her skin is paper thin. I don’t think she would survive surgery.

It is going to be an emotional, stressful few days.

For tonight, I have my three cuties and my wife all together ....

Wow, that came out wrong. Four--FOUR--cuties (including my wife). I blame it on the poor man's Old Fashioned I just drank. (Recipe for @Steve has ☕️ for brains : 2 fingers of Russel's 10-year Kentucky Straight Bourbon and approx 1 teaspoon of juice from Tillen Farms' Bada Bing Cherries plus 2 cherries.)
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I'm glad to hear that for now she is okay. I hope nothing too seriously is going on for her! I hope you can relax a bit. Take care!
Thanks, @Marieke Bednarczyk , the infection seems to be clearing up. We'll go back in a couple of weeks to see if we can get a clearer diagnosis. In the meantime, she isn't in pain and is eating well. So, I'm not worried (as much) anymore.