No notifications of mentions from non-Hubzilla users

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Does Hubzilla support notifications of mentions by users posting via other protocols? I see only notifications that another Hubzilla user @ mentioned me. The only way I can find if someone from Mastodon or Diaspora mentioned me is if I just happen upon in my feed.
This should be supported for Mastodon and Diaspora and has to my knowledge worked in the past. I am presently a bit too busy to investigate, so submitting an issue might be in order.
I just looked and I'm getting mention notifications from Diaspora (both visual and email). Note that I'm running on bleeding edge code, but this part hasn't changed in a couple of years. If anything I would've expected it to break on bleeding edge code, but it didn't.

The story is a bit different on Mastodon. Notifications weren't triggered because both projects use a slightly different mention format (Hubzilla uses the full name and Mastodon uses 'username'). I'll submit a fix for this but it may not make it in until 4.0.