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CB Strike

We knocked out season 1 of CB Strike this weekend. (In the USA, it's on Amazon Prime with a 7-day free trial of Cinemax, which is more than enough time.) It was 3 crimes over 7 episodes. The first 2 mysteries were written as a sort of the classic damaged loner detective (humanized by plucky sidekick) characters meet Agatha Christie-style pacing (i.e., lots of misdirection that is wrapped up quickly by a confrontation with the accused). But the last one was grittier and more personal. Not sure how I feel about that twist. I was enjoying the easy entertainment of the first two. They were a nice break from the constant drip of personal vendetta/prey stories that are intense but also exhaust a lot of ground too quickly. All in all, it was an enjoyable way to wind down and be entertained by one of my favorite genres.

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I think J. K. Rowling did it 'cause your birthday, Manuel.
did you thank the writer? You must do it. :))
Great present, yeah! :-)
We enjoyed it.
Deutschland '86

Deutschland '86 has a release date! October 19 in Germany (on Amazon Prime) and October 25 in the USA (on Sundance TV). If you have not yet seen the first season, called Deutschland '83, cancel your plans and prepare to binge. (Espionage and 80s music--what's not to love?) In the USA, it's available on Hulu and iTunes. I haven't heard yet if Hulu will pick up the Deutschland '86 streaming rights. But Walter Presents seems to have nabbed them. This might be the thing that finally gets me to buy that Walter Presents subscription.

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Fortitude, Season 3

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Fortitude will have a season 3! It's only gonna be 4 episodes but I'm sure glad for another dose of this locked-room-mystery/crime/sci-fi/horror show. There's really nothing else like it (that I know of and like) on television these days.

In the USA, you can catch the first 2 seasons on Amazon Prime or iTunes.

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I need to enter in this trip ! ;-)
Noted for the future.

The poodles beat me to the napping spot.

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Friends-only photos

So, here’s why my non-Hubzilla friends are not seeing the photos in my friends-only posts: The text in a post gets included in what is pushed out to other pods, but photos are attachments and only the link to them is sent. So, when a post appears in a feed, the browser has to go back to the original pod to pull the photo. Hubzilla implements privacy protections on all photos/uploads—in particular, the OpenWebAuth protocol (aka magic-auth). If your account isn’t associated with an OpenWebAuth profile, Hubzilla can’t authenticate you. Diaspora doesn’t implement OpenWebAuth; and Friendica implements a fork of the protocol that is not compatible with Hubzilla’s. The reason my friends were able to see photos in my friends-only posts from my D* account is that Diaspora implements no privacy protections whatsoever. (Even if a user uploaded the photo in the context of a friends-only post, anyone anywhere on the internet can still see that photo if they have its URL.)

Although it’s a pain in the patootie that my non-Hubzilla friends can’t see my photos, I’d rather have that than everyone else being able to see them too.

In other news, it is a beautiful day in my backyard. The Mountain Ash is heavy with berries. The sky is clear, the breeze is cool, and the sounds of grilling vegetables and tortillas being made by hand are coming over the fence. Basically, it is a perfect afternoon. And I may well end up napping on the porch soon.

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Tagging folks I think might be interested in this explanation

@JB Carroll
@Brian Ó 🐟

Many thanks to @M. Dent and @Mike Macgirvin for taking the time to explain it to me.
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That's what I figured. I think Friendica is working on this authentication for the next release, but I guess it's different enough now (I'm on RC) that it still won't communicate.
Goodnight, friends.

I found out why photos in friends-only posts aren’t visible to friends on other networks. It’s a fairly simply explanation, and I promise to share what I learned once my eyelids are not drooping. In the meantime, please enjoy tonight’s rooftop sunset.

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good afternoon

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Interested to know what caused that sharing issue.

I’m still trying to figure out why photos included in a friends-only post don’t show up for some of my non-Hubzilla friends (even though they can see the post with its text). In the meantime, please enjoy tonight’s sunset.


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Testing Osada

Bwahahaaa! Osada is ALIVE!

alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Mon, 17 Sep 2018 06:24:02 +0200
I'm already digging the user interface on #Osada . I'm on Hubzilla, so it's familiar but so far haven't run into any of my "now, where the hell do I find that fiddly bit" moments that I get on Hubzilla.
Weekend kill count

Weekend kill count: 1 mouse, 5 new Ailanthus shoots, and 20-30 yellow jackets. I respect their place in the ecosystem--just not in the crevices of my house. Except for Ailanthus--Ailanthus can eff right off.
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@alysonsee What a lovely thing to just happen onto in my timeline. Slightly surreal.
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Why? You gonna take them out too? ;)
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How about keeping them as pets for a week until you drive. Then you can release them into the wild
Queen of the South

Finished season 3 of “Queen of the South”. It was mostly shoot outs, and the plot did not move as decisively as the first 2, excellent seasons. And the writers are not making the most out of the juicy issue of permeable borders. Still, I love the character. And, because viewers know her fate (from flash forwards), we know there is still more of the story to tell. So, I’m hoping for a strong season 4.

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Random acts of kindness?

Were you #nice to a stranger this week? Maybe made a neighbor kid feel seen or heard? Had a #friendly conversation with someone that other people might ignore? Paid a #compliment to a coworker?

Fill my feed with the small ways that you and others are pumping #kindness into the world. You ain’t bragging; you just happen to be making my day better.

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Welchen Post meinst du?
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Today's posts are so #denver
- Great American Beer Festival tickets available!
- fully nude male masturbating in alley
- Stolen bike
- Found chicken

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Still summer

On September 1, it was like a switch was flipped: The daytime temperatures dropped and the nighttime temperatures dropped even further. And abruptly on Monday, the switch flipped back. We had to turn the air conditioning back on and I returned to carrying my parasol for walks to/from work in 90+ degree heat (32+ celsius). I’m wishing for sweater weather.


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Gorgeous photo btw!
Thanks, @Sunyata!

@Mark I hope you get some perfect autumn days for hiking. I've only been to the UK once, and it is forever 17C and partly cloudy in my mind.
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You were lucky if it was only partly cloudy :) That climate suits me just fine - I'm not good with the heat. So long as it's dry and not so warm that it's uncomfortable, I'm happy.
Invisible friends

There are days I love living in a dense, urban area. It gives me opportunity to encounter all sorts of things that i would never have otherwise. It keeps me flexible, curious, and relatively open-minded. And then there are days where I could do with never having to overhear another loud, rambling conversation with an invisible friend ever again.

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I think the internet is mostly the textual equivalent of loud, rambling conversations with invisible friends.
Blue blue blue

One of the things I love about Colorado is the intense shade of blue that is the sky. I feel like I could fall into it and never stop falling into blue.


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I feel the Earth move

I had no idea that adding @earthquake to my feed would be like taking an endless road trip with an 8-year-old boy in the backseat, shouting "pull my finger" every 15 minutes. Very funny, planet.
The remorseless face of a dog who ate something she shouldn’t have. On the upside, if Crayola calls, I have some suggestions for new names for vibrant shades of green.


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New here, not new here

Hello, Federation friends and Fediversians. I'm not exactly #newhere. I joined #diaspora 6 years ago, disappeared after I got no response on my first 6 posts, and then came back 6 months ago. I've made some lovely connections, and my online world is the better for it. I'm now in the process of migrating my presence from D* to this Hubzilla account. If you knew me before, I hope you follow me here.

If you are bumping into me for the first time, I enjoy discovering kindred spirits across the globe. Thanks for sharing your life changes, challenges, and celebrations, and for making my world a bigger, more connected place.

Let's get down to #introductions. Here's some 411 to help you decide if I'm your cup of tea: I’m a progressive, middle-age, cis-gendered, able-bodied, white, first-generation middle class, American, female IT professional. Also #INTJ (#meyersbriggs). No kids—never had the urge. My wife is the same sex but different race, culture, and religion. Also, she is shorter and more idealistic. Despite our very different upbringings, we seem to keep each other constantly amused with common pop culture references. Went to grad school in both Computer Science and Jungian Psychology. Worked for years as a #programmer in the private sector; now work as an IT Manager in #publicservice. I live in a diverse, #urban neighborhood with the usual challenges that come with density, disadvantage, and differences. A shared sense community can be sometimes tough to achieve, but it is very rewarding when it happens. I used to #meditate a lot. Nowadays, I prefer sitting on the back porch and petting the #dogs. My day job can be pretty demanding so I really appreciate small opportunities to slow down and just be present.

#kindness and #gratitude - I never tire of people being decent to each other and appreciative of what they've got--be it privileged or meager.
#dogs - You got ‘em? I love ‘em. Three of our own (the legal max where I live). Show me your dogs pics.
#iphoneography - Especially Hipstamatic with filters on “shuffle” because every picture is a surprise.
#cocktails - I never developed any interest in cooking, but I do a pretty good kachumber cooler.
#not-driving - OK, that’s not an actual hobby. But I’ve become a much happier human being since I ditched driving. There’s a lot of truth to #bowlingalone.

Favorite places evah:
#annapolis-royal (Nova Scotia)

As far as making new friends online goes, I’m not your gal if …
* your posts are routinely N S F W.
* you think reverse racism is a thing.
* you think white privilege, male privilege, or class privilege is not a thing.
* you think feminism is up for debate.
* any of these are your main topics of conversation.

Carry on and #beexcellenttoeachother

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Welcome back (not "back" ;) ) @alysonsee!
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you sound really cool...thank you
Thanks, @organic420 mechanic# and @Allan Haverholm . I look forward to getting to know you.
The joys of owning a 130+ year old house

The joys of owning a 130+ year old house.

#oldhouse #weeds

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Heh heh heh.
Test Post 6 - verifying permissions groups

Testing distribution to outer- vs inner-circle permission groups.