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Haircut day. Trying to get a little life maintenance done before the guests arrive for the holidays.

I'm feeling philosophical this morning. As of last night, two friends, who are younger than me, have died unexpectedly in the last 3 weeks. I don't have any grand belief systems that explain why or what happens when you die or what it all means. I like to think I'm very practical about the matters of life and death. And at various times in my life, I've felt one or the other is more or less inconvenient. I'd mostly like to spare everyone involved as much suffering as possible.

My neighbor died yesterday in the process of sitting down on the couch. His body just gave out suddenly. I'm glad he was spared a drawn-out passing. Selfishly, that's how I'd like to go too. But that also gave his loved ones no time to emotionally prepare, and now they are suffering greatly.

I'm thinking now of what I'd like my loved ones to know about when I go. And I hope they take some comfort in my practical, sometimes amusing, approach. For starters, I like the instructions that John Prine left:

Throw my brain in a hurricane.
The blind can have my eyes.
And the deaf can take both of my ears
If they don't mind the size.
Give my feet to the footloose
Careless, fancy free.
And give my knees to the needy.
Don't pull that stuff on me.

#music #lastWishes

Please Don't Bury Me John Prine
by SuperMusicremedy on YouTube
Guy sitting on bench, smoking a cigarette: Miss, would you happen to have any body spray?
Me: Well, that’s a new one! I’ve been asked for a lighter or some money but never body spray.
Guy: I’m a pot head and a friend told me I should go freshen up before I report to this training today. I’m hoping the cigarette will cover it.
Me: Nope, no body spray. But good luck and have a good day.
Guy: OK, you too.

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It doesn't...the smell that is complained about...ripening pot plants
Indeed, . There are a few grow houses in the neighborhood, and you can smell harvest time from a block away. The city has recently added new air filtration regulations for grow houses. Hopefully, it will become less of a nuisance.
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It's a nuisance, but not toxic @alysonsee (Hz)...growing can be conducted in Eastern Oregon...there is endless land over the mountains and it's a tax bonanza
This morning at the old Emily Griffith Opportunity School in #Denver . She opened this trade school in 1916 in what was then a condemned building with the intent of serving “all who wished to learn”. The school has since expanded and now has multiple campuses. But this building has been boarded up for years while the city and developers figure out what to do with a historic building sitting on a prime location in downtown. Unfortunately, opportunity in Denver is not booming for all.

#photo #mywork

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I didn't's horrible's not gentrification yet, more Rusting Timber Town with a College overlay @alysonsee (Hz)
People being priced out of Denver? Maybe Greely’s time has finally come.
After checking out zillow, I take it back. Greeley looks overpriced and seems to have a lot of foreclosures.
@Fitheach My wife doesn't eat anything pork-based. So, it's a bit of a challenge to find sausages. But there is a brand called Applegate, which is available in our grocery store, and it fits the bill and is tasty to boot.
 from Friendica
Applegate is a good brand. I used to be able to find their herb Turkey that tasted pretty close to Haslet - which you can't buy over here.
 from ActivityPub
Quite common here to get pure beef sausages. You should also consider making your own sausages, it is really easy. A particular delicacy here is the Lorne Sausage, which is flat and square (no skin). I've made them many times as the commercially produced ones are so poor. I'll post a recipe one of these days.
alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sun, 09 Dec 2018 16:02:48 +0100
Suki got a bath yesterday and she is extra soft and fluffy for this morning’s cuddle.

#MastoDogs #dogs #dogsOfTheFediverse


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One other favorite snapshot of my trip back to Michigan: On Sunday night, I was driving back from a Hanukkah dinner at my friend’s Mother-In-Law’s house in suburban Detroit. And I pulled off I-696 at about 10 Mile, and ended up idling behind a Good Ol’ Boy pickup truck with monster tires and Wisconsin plates and some sort of contraption that looked a little like a welded metal headboard for a bed propped upside down in the flat bed. And the more I stared it, I realized that two of the welded pipes on that odd headboard each had a lit light bulb screwed in to them. And as I pondered if this was some kind of twisted, homemade still or an failed attempt to modify the truck with deer hunting spotlights, I noticed two sound system horns mounted on the sides. So, I rolled down the window to sample what kind of hootenanny music was being broadcast. And instead I heard exuberant Klezmer music and realized I was staring at the biggest menorah I’d ever seen. And a voice came over the PA system and shouted “ HAPPY HANUKKAH” to all of the metro area, and then the truck rumbled off to share the miracle of defying stereotypes with the neighbors down towards Woodward Ave.

#Detroit #Hanukkah
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 from Diaspora
haha! bravo!
A 4,6 liter 340 hp menorah with a soundsystem? It doesn't get much cooler than that!
#HappyHanukkah #MotorCity
A few months ago, I noticed a bag of cat food in our pantry. We do not have a cat. Tonight, I am shopping online for an outdoor, heated, cat house because, as it turns out, a stray has adopted my wife.
 from Friendica
Cat food ... pâté ... it's a fine line.
@Paul Alter , I should probably pick a really nice outdoor house. It’s where I’ll end up sleeping if she brings the cat inside. :)
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I am a white, middle-aged, middle-class woman and occasionally I find myself where white, middle-aged, middle-to-owning-class woman gather—pilates classes, spas, wine bars. It’s often quite painful. I hate to see what is reflected back to me—especially where money and opportunity are involved. So often, the overheard conversation devolves into one upping each other with recommendations of private schools, comparisons of name brand clothes, and stories of expensive vacations.

So, here I am, temporarily back home in Michigan (where I grew up). And, as I drive around, I am reminded how run-down and broken and shabby a lot of things are and have been for a long time. It’s a reflection of the chronic disinvestment in the infrastructure. Street lights are out; a One Way”’ road sign was hit and twisted so many times that it is unclear which street at the intersection it references; roads have patches or their patches; deer carcasses have been left to rot on the side on the highway. Plus, it’s damn cold and gray. After years of living where the suns shines and new things pop up constantly, it’s depressing. I almost moved home a few years ago, and I wonder if it would have been a horrible undermining of my mental state.

But, tonight, I am in a cocktail bar in Bay City. A cocktail bar that, on the surface, could be in tony Boulder, Denver, or Aspen. And a group of white, middle-aged, middle-class women come in for a “book club”. And I think, Dear Dog, here we go. And, sure enough, the conversation turns to allergies and “Sex in the City”. But it never shifts to recommendations for detoxing programs or where to eat in NYC or other kinds of showing off. It’s just a genuine sharing of woes. And suddenly I remember why I love this state SO MUCH.

Tomorrow, I will get together with my own posse of white, middle-aged, mostly middle-class female friends from college to mourn the passing of one of our own and celebrate her life. And I feel like coming home—at least today—was the best decision I could have made. And it feels good to miss my home land and, in a weird way, to miss my departed friend. Thanks, Kat, for bringing me home.
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Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
I'm only a middle-aged-man on another continent who has never been to Michigan but can deeply relate to your "spiritual" journey "home". You can get yourself out of Michigan*, but you can't get Michigan* out of yourself. That's a pretty universal truth for many of us! Thank you for sharing it!

*Replace Michigan* with the place you see when you close your eyes and think: Home!
A college friend died quite suddenly this week, and I'll be heading back to Michigan for the funeral. There's a lot to ponder her passing. Including how life doesn't give a hoot about your assumptions about how it works. I could go all deep here, but at the moment I am confused how a round-trip ticket from Denver to Detroit, which doesn't include a Saturday overnight, and was purchased less than 7 days in advance cost less than $100. I'm not complaining. But this was not exactly the cosmic balance I was hoping for.
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My condolences. Wishing you comfort.
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Thanks, everyone, for thinking of me. While it’s weird to feel sad and excited at the same time, I’m looking forward to feeling sad with friends that I’m excited to see.

When in doubt, live a loving life.

Excellent advice, @Paul Alter . And thanks for the insight on the cost of the ticket. Maybe I should consider coming back to Detroit more often.
We have reached the part of tonight’s wind storm in which I have come to the conclusion that if this were a true apocalypse, I would probably be one of the first to be eaten by zombies or, more likely, my fellow survivors. <whimper>
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I read "credenza" for some reason, and I like it better. :) Oh, I'm gonna have fun with you, Cleroce. Will stand on street corners with a big posterboard sign, just for you, "Looking for attractive and functional dishwasher for use during zombie attacks." That oughtta net us some attention...
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excellent :D we'll have a taker in no time!
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The Mystery of the Missing & Late Cross-Platform Posts

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!Hubzilla Support Forum
!Disroot Community

Fellow Hubzillans, I apologize in advance for combining so many questions into one post. I'm super confused and frustrated but I don't understand cross-platform #federation well enough to know what to be frustrated with or how to tease these issues apart. Yesterday, I wanted to test #hubzilla notifications of "mentions" from multiple platforms. So, I created posts mentioning this Hubzilla account from my #diaspora, #mastodon, #friendica, and #osada accounts. In case it matters, note that my Hubzilla account has a two-way connection with each of these other accounts. Skip to the bottom for my questions.

Results of posting and mentioning from different platforms:

Diaspora: The post from @alysonsee (D*) showed up in my Hubzilla feed quickly, as did a notification of the mention. The comment I made on it from my Friendica account ( @alysonsee (Fca) ) also appeared in my Hubzilla feed and I got a notification of the mention the Fca account made of the Hz account. That's good news. What's weird is that my comment from Fca showed up only once from the perspective of D* account and my Hz account but showed up TWICE for @boet 's Hubzilla account--delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub. In fact, a number of Hubzilla users have reported seeing some Friendica comments twice in threads lately. (Original post is here: .'s copy is here: )

Mastodon: It took nearly a day for my post from @alysonsee to show up in my Hubzilla feed. But it eventually did, along with the reply from my Osada account, which strangely came in over ActivityPub rather than Zot. However, I got no notifications for the mentions in the original Mastodon post or the Osada comment. @Mike Macgirvin has recently added a fix for "mention" notifications from ActivityPub events which will likely go out in Hubzilla v4. So, the only real frustration here is that it took so fracking long for the post to arrive on in comparison to posts from my Mastodon account (which show up within a minute) and that account is only a one-way connection (from Hz to the account). (Original post is here: )

Friendica: It has been over a day and my post from @alysonsee (Fca) still has not shown up in my Hubzilla feed. In fact, if I look from my Hubzilla account at the "Recent Activity" on that connection over the last couple of months, the content is very spotty. Some "likes" are there but not all. Some "comments" are there but not all. The last post that came through was 2 months ago, shortly after I connected the two accounts, which means that it has missed 5 other posts. My Hubzilla clone account (on only has one of my Fca account's posts from the last 2 months, but a different one than the one my primary Hubzilla account has. Strangely, @boet received my Friendica test post in his Hubzilla feed straight away--in fact, faster than he gets my posts. Even my Mastodon and Osada accounts received the post and were able to comment on it. Also, I have received posts from other (Friendica) users in my feed. So, why are the posts from my Fca account missing in my Hz feed?

Osada: My Osada post showed up in my Hubzilla feed pretty quickly but via ActivityPub. I mean, that's fine. I just would have expected Zot --> Zot would be the default. It also means that my Hz account didn't get a "mention" notification. Also, it didn't show up in my Hubzilla clone's feed. My Friendica account saw it and was able to comment on it. But that was about an hour ago and the comment still hasn't shown up in my Hubzilla feed (primary or clone).

One last tidbit: After a couple of hours of trying these different combos, went down for at least 12 hours. (I went to bed and so stopped trying until morning.)

So, to recap:
(1) Why do comments from Friendica show up twice in threads (delivered once via Friendica and once via ActivityPub)? (I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that these comments are coming from users on an Fca instance running the dev branch implementation of ActivityPub. Tagging @Michael Vogel because I think that's his area. )
(2) Why did my post take nearly a day to arrive on Is that a problem or a problem?
(3) On a related note, why does it take about 24 hours for my Hubzilla posts to be delivered to @boet ? Is that a problem or a problem?
(4) Why can other Hubzilla users get my Friendica posts and my Hz account can see others' Fca posts but my Hz account can't see my Fca posts?
(5) If my Hubzilla primary and clone accounts can receive one post from a Friendica connection, then why don't they get all of them?
(6) On a related note, if my Hubzilla clone can receive one post from a one-way Mastodon connection, then why doesn't it get all of them? Or, for that matter, why doesn't it get the posts from a two-way connection on a different Mastodon instance?
(7) Why does my Hubzilla account get posts from Osada via ActivityPub rather than Zot?
(8) How many of these behaviors could be related to my primary Hubzilla instance being at v3.6.1?
yeah i wouldnt take our hub as a reference or testing instance as we had sone issues the last day. also we are not up to date (finally planned for this week) so if anything i would wait for next week annoucement that we have updated to latest and got rid of all the issues before using our hub to test anything.
consider that, knowing the problems of zotum hub with the queues, I, often, I go to respond directly on the page of the forum or the person, this is probably to be considered in the solution of the bug.
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I've got nothing from my Friendica account for about a week >.<
Strom’s a’rollin’ in. That weather app screenshot shows a drop from 16 to -3 for you Celsius users. The wind is creaking the doors and flapping the vent covers. And the Italian Greyhound is characteristically in that blanket pile somewhere. It’s good thing I finished watching “The Haunting of Hill House” yesterday.
#weather #dogs


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Brrrr! Wrap up!
Too soon

Everyone else in the house had long been up. Breakfast was ready. I went back upstairs and peeled back the covers, and I got some Italian Greyhound side eye. #dogsofthefederation #dogsOfTheFederation

alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Fri, 23 Nov 2018 16:52:10 +0100
Why—WHY do you wake me? Schedule schmedule. Tell the sun to come back later.

#dogs #mastoDogs #mastodogs #dogsofthefediverse #dogsOfTheFediverse

Woohoo, I GOT ONE! Paul is an IRL friend, has embraced the #deleteFacebook movement, and just joined #friendica. One of the downsides of my leaving FB was that I no longer got updates on where his wit, curiosity, and politics took him. This is gonna be great. Please welcome him, and give him a follow if you like smart, funny, humble, left-leaning people who never stop learning.

Paul, I'm looking forward to pictures of the cats in front of the fireplace, your melting basset hound, and the latest holiday decorations.

#newhere #dogs #cats #colorado #vegetarian
Paul AlterPaul Alter wrote the following post Fri, 23 Nov 2018 15:38:46 +0100

New Here

Hello friendly people of Frendica,

I'm #NewHere. I decided to try this after a friend, @alysonsee (Fca), recommended it. She had done research/trying out of some federated social media services and seemed to like this one.

I had been becoming disenchanted with my primary social media service, Facebook. But the recent news about FB first covering up their discovery of the Russian's interference in the election process in 2015, then their use of Russian disinformation tactics to cover their behavior and try to lay blame on other competitors, well, that was just too Trump for me. Deleted my account and here I am.

Enough about that. What about moi? I'm an unrepentant liberal. What does that mean? I won't apologize for thinking we should care for the most needy in our society. Nor for the environment, education, universal medical care, and all those other socialist leaning policies. As the columnist Gene Weingarten is fond of saying, "I'm so liberal the trees hug me." When you raise the boat for one, you raise it for all.

Speaking of columnists, my favorite is #LeonardPitts. If you want to get a good insight into my social and political leanings, he matches my thoughts about 99.9% of the time.

I'm retired from the software/IT industry. I worked for #IBM for 15 years, then left to a small, local startup called #MDI, which was bought by #Sybase. I worked there for 6 years, then went back to IBM for another 15. My education was a double major in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology and Computer Science from the University of Colorado in Boulder #CUBoulder. I started working in the CU Boulder MCD Biology department, got married, and needed some real money to survive, so I went to work at IBM as a lab technician in analytical chemistry. A few years later, IBM retrained me as a mainframe programmer, and the rest - as they say - is history, I suppose.

My favorite aspect of my career was the people I worked with. Whether writing software, leading a team, being a manager, or working with clients, the individuals around me were the primary reasons the work either made, or broke, my enjoyment.

Next came the intellectual challenge, whether trying to figure out an algorithm, shooting a tough bug, figuring out how to make a good work environment for my team, helping an individual succeed, or with a problem that may/may not relate to work, figuring out an IT architecture, those were the things that motivated me.

Now that I'm #retired, my wife & I (she's also a former IBMer) (1) take care of our elderly furr-babies: a Norwegian Forest cat, a formerly feral racoon-tailed momma cat from Chicago, and a 15 year-old #BassetHound named Maggie. (2) volunteer with the City of Boulder Open Space/Mountain Parks #OSMPBoulder as a trail guide. We also volunteer with Voices for Children as Court Appointed Special Advocates (#CASA). We work with kids in the court system because of abuse and neglect, and make sure their needs are heard by the court.

We audit classes at CU Boulder, particularly enjoying astronomy and astrophysics. It's great not to feel the pressure of homework and tests, and just focus on learning! We have done some traveling, but are grounded right now because of the needs of our pets.

I love to cook. We're vegetarians and I enjoy coming up with creative recipes. They don't always work, but what the hey, gotta try. Oh, and I love to eat. That's a constant struggle with me...

I love a variety of movies, from romcoms to action to drama to mystery. I tend towards binge watching - not a good thing - and lately my wife & I have subscribed to #Acorn. We get lots of British, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand shows with that. We also have to watch it with closed-captioning so we can understand with their accents and slang. But we love it.

I decorate our yard heavily for #Halloween, I love #Christmas, and I love all things #Disney. My favorite project at IBM was working with Disney for about 5 years. What can I say? Great people, and intellectually challenging!

Aloha for now. I'm looking forward to finding new e-friends here.
 from Diaspora
Welcome @Paul Alter
 from Friendica
@Michael Vogel , per our troubleshooting conversation, here is a comment from a Diaspora user on my Hubzilla post that came across, unthreaded, to my Friendica account’s feed as a Hubzilla post by my Hubzilla account.
 from Diaspora
welcome n-n
Black Hole Friday

Get ‘em before all of the deals are sucked into another universe.
Paul AlterPaul Alter wrote the following post Fri, 23 Nov 2018 15:00:03 +0100

It's Black Hole Friday!

Black Friday? Meh.

NASA's Black Hole Friday? Now that's something I get get busy with!
Peach Mint

My South Asian mother-in-law wants to know what Peach Mint is and why we haven't gotten on with it yet.

 from Friendica
It took mean a few minutes to figure this one out. It must be because I've had more wine in the last three days than in probably the last 6 months.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

When my wife goes to the grocery, she asks if there is anything we need that is not on the list. And I point out there is simply not enough #pie in the world. In fact, the Beatles and Burt Bacharach and Hal David got it slightly wrong: All the word needs is more pie. But pie is love, so it works anyway. However, it is no understatement to say she is very particular about food, and pie does not usually make the cut. So, I have to get my pie needs met on the side.

But not this weekend. THIS US holiday is the holiday of pie. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, and, if you are from the South, sweet potato pie. We eat pie out in the open, in unmitigated proportions. So, she relented and bought a berry pie. It's gluten-free, vegan, and low sugar.

And now we have 2/3rds of a pie to give away if anyone wants it. :)
 from Friendica
Pie. It's not just for breakfast, anymore.
On this holiday of feasting, I am #thankful to my past self, who had the wisdom and foresight to buy pants that were a little bit too big at the time.
 from ActivityPub
Did you know that "pants" in the UK is what you wear under your trousers?

Mind you, maybe Thanksgiving pants need to be bigger, too. 😃
@Fitheach I'm nothing if not thorough. :) Now that you mention the distinction ... I hadn't, however, considered going trouser-less. May have to keep this option open. #freedom
 from ActivityPub
It's only once a year, just enjoy your turkey (or whatever) and all the trimmings. It is called a feast day, after all.
No notifications of mentions from non-Hubzilla users

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Does Hubzilla support notifications of mentions by users posting via other protocols? I see only notifications that another Hubzilla user @ mentioned me. The only way I can find if someone from Mastodon or Diaspora mentioned me is if I just happen upon in my feed.
This should be supported for Mastodon and Diaspora and has to my knowledge worked in the past. I am presently a bit too busy to investigate, so submitting an issue might be in order.
I just looked and I'm getting mention notifications from Diaspora (both visual and email). Note that I'm running on bleeding edge code, but this part hasn't changed in a couple of years. If anything I would've expected it to break on bleeding edge code, but it didn't.

The story is a bit different on Mastodon. Notifications weren't triggered because both projects use a slightly different mention format (Hubzilla uses the full name and Mastodon uses 'username'). I'll submit a fix for this but it may not make it in until 4.0.