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No Forks Allowed

On my walk to work, lunch bag in hand, I stopped at the city services building to get my neighborhood parking passes renewed. (Shhh, yes, I know I’m late.) Went through the scanners. Found out the hard way: NO FORKS ALLOWED.

Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t want to be forked by a grumpy citizen either. And they probably get a lot of those. I may adopt this as my new tag line. #denver #noforksallowed
I initially thought this had something to do with source code.
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Are we sending albin dot social an endless stream of images of Arnold Schwarzenegger making shouty faces yet?

My spouse has returned from the last Costco run before the membership expires. We are prepared for toilet papering the neighborhood, should the mood strike.
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When it comes to the sunny spot, sharing is caring.


#dogs #dogsofthefederation #dogsofthefediverse
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awesome dogs!
Thanks, @Lil' Beanie . They are my joys. Last night, the Italian Greyhound had breathing problems, so I propped her up along my chest and she slept there for hours. Pure bliss.
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When it comes to the sunny spot, sharing is caring.


#dogs #dogsofthefederation #dogsofthefediverse
The Man in the High Castle, 3 seasons

Here's my synopsis of "The Man in the High Castle" thus far. (No spoilers.)
Season 1 - Soundly based on a story by a popular novelist. Opened up a multiverse of possibilities.
Season 2 - Holy shit, we got renewed and there's no more of the novel left. What should we do?
Season 3 - Let's milk this and take an entire season to move the plot forward to what should have taken 2 episodes to accomplish.

Time = wasted.

#television #bingewatching
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You Are Wanted, Season 1

Finally got back to "You Are Wanted". It was a fast-paced, fun ride and made me want more OSINT-based intrigue (but perhaps with a little more detail and authenticity as, say, "Mr. Robot".)

I'm hoping season 2 can maintain the pace and geek appeal without going off to hand-wavy, technology-is-unquestionable-magic, James-Bond territory.

#television #bingewatching
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I’m so glad to have a connection with . The quality of engagement in his own posts and on others’ posts have made my experience of the Federation feel more personal and down-to-Earth. He notices and appreciates the small things in life. wrote the following post Sat, 20 Oct 2018 16:02:40 +0200
Hi Everyone,

Recently we've had a number of folks join Diaspora* from Google+. I'm making this post public in the hopes of making connections with others who share my interests. I am a long time member of the Free Software Foundation #fsf and thus finally responded a few months back to their encouragement to transition from Facebook to Free Software-based social media.

I am an immigrant. I moved from Canada to the USA in 1998 and became a citizen here in 2010. Of course most folks in the USA are either immigrants or have descended from immigrants. I live in Chandler, Arizona. So I guess the hashtags #canada, #immigrant, #usa, #chandler and #arizona would make sense.

I am a father of four daughters. Two of them are married and have children, thus I have four grandchildren. I married Wendy in 1985 when we were just 20 and 19. In all this I have been extremely blessed. I would now say, if you are a shy and under-confident nerdy guy who detects a bit of mutual interest, go for it! Ask her out! It took all the courage I could muster to ask Wendy on the first date but am so glad I did! Thus #father #daughters #grandpa #husband #grandchildren tags.

Wendy and I were life-long Jehovah's Witnesses until one day in October 2007 I left the faith. It is a long story that involved growing doubts over many years until one catalyst event gave us the courage to leave. So I can add #exjw to my tags.

I self-identify as an atheist but my views on this might be a bit different than others. For example I believe in all the normal things of life, like water is wet, wind can push you around, gravity sucks, the sun shines and stars are far away. I believe that objective truth exists and the scientific method is one of best tools to discover such. I believe what can be measured. However, I don't think it is possible to prove the non-existence of something, Thus I only assert that within the realm of my own personal experience I don't see compelling evidence for the existence of a creator/prayer-answering God like Jehovah, Allah, the Resurrected Jesus or Ganesh. At the same time I believe God does exist within the mind of the believer and as a shared concept in the minds of like-minder believers. In fact the entire external world is made meaningful within our brains as a mental model. Thus when someone says "I believe in God" I not only believe they believe that, but that it is true for them on a profound level. Thus lets add #religion #atheist #belief.

My experience over the years as a JW imbued within my a love of Scripture that has not gone away. I have read the Bible cover-to-cover several times. But I've gone a bit further. On my bucket-list is to read every major holy book at least once. So far that has been The Bible, Quran, The Book of Mormon and Bhagavad Gita. I'm now about 2/3 through the Apocrypha (these are extra Bible books some Christian groups consider canonical or worthy of consideration). Just a few verses away from completing Bel and the Dragon (an addition to the Bible book of Daniel). So lets add #bible #quran #bookofmormon #gita #apocrypha. Next-book suggestions welcome!

In 2015 my wife and I joined Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The UUs are one religious group with a Christian heritage that is accepting of atheists. Since leaving the JWs my views on social justice issues like gay rights have also move in the direction compatible with the UU faith. So I'll add #uu #unitarian #universalist to my list.

It is not forbidden for a JW to go to college. But it was/is discouraged and thus I became a software engineer in a rather round-about way. When I saw my adult children go to college I decided to join em! So at 49 I started taking one online course per semester at Rio Salado College. I figure that I should be able to obtain my Associates of Science around the same time my current 15-year-old daughter is graduating from University. It is going slow, but the credit are starting to pile up. And if you're in your 50s and you think you're smarter than the average bear as I did -- take some college courses. It has been humbling but wonderful too. So must wrap this up to get back to LAT101 :-). #college #softwareenginer #programmer

Cheers everyone and welcome Google+ refugees.

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Hi @alysonsee. I wouldn't mind getting the recipe if it is easy to post. My oldest daughter, Bailey, has celiacs and must eat gluten free. Cheers, -Randy
She uses this recipe with a few modifications:

1/4 c of almond meal, rather 1/3.
1 c of 2% milk rather than buttermilk. (Buttermilk makes it too thick.)
No honey or vanilla extract, because she doesn't like them sweet. That's what maple syrup is for. :)
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Thank you!
Found on the sidewalk on the walk to work. Usually, it’s just discarded socks and food containers along the way. #denver #photo

(Photo: bible with cover ripped off, showing ToC, sprinkled with gold leaves)
The Davinci Code...
Now you know too much
The sun is back out and the snow has melted. I love having a job that requires me to get out for urban walks in #denver

You too, @Thom Horton !
@alysonsee The advantage of living in a small town, like me, is that you can walk from one place to another in any circumstance for any purpose :-)
@Manuel , that is ideal indeed.
Watching the final season of "A Place to Call Home".

"I'm not crying. It's just been raining on my face." - Jemaine Clement

#television #bingewatching
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I've had a fun weekend passing out maps of the Federation, providing directions, and serving virtual tea and cookies to all of the #gplusrefugees that are #newhere. Wish I could do it all again today but ... #monday.

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Thanks for your help!
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truly- thank you all for all the work. we will settle down soon, I promise! (I hope!)
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Just in case you didn't know:

Stay calm, and be excellent to each other!

How to do this?- Use welcoming and inclusive language. - Be respectful of differing viewpoints and experiences. - Gracefully accept constructive criticism. - Show empathy towards other community members. - Avoid sexualized or violent language and imagery, and don’t give unwelcome sexual attention or make advances. - Don’t troll, post insulting or derogatory comments, or attack other community members. - Don’t harass people, either in public or in private! - Give people the benefit of the doubt. You might be wrongly interpreting what they have said.

(copied from the "Be excellent to each other" link on your page <<<<)

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it's really easy :)
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Thanks for all of the re-shares of my earlier welcome to the #gplusrefugees (from my Diaspora account). Some folks who are #newhere have expressed frustration with the lack of certain features on #diaspora. Please consider trying out #hubzilla or #friendica as alternatives if you are looking for the abilities to ...
- Edit posts or comments.
- "Like" comments.
- Post pictures in comments.
- Create groups (e.g., around a common interest).
- Receive autocompletes of mentions while composing on the mobile site.

Friendica and Hubzilla implement the Diaspora protocol as well as others ones. I moved from D* to Hubzilla about a month ago and took all of my D* friends with me and then made a bunch of new friends from Mastodon as well. A bonus on Hubzilla is that when the primary instance (pod) for my channel goes down--remember, these #federation instances/pods are all volunteer operations, so you gotta be patient and flexible--I can switch to using a cloned instance. No downtime! (My primary is on and my clone is on

Now, please enjoy a few more warm-hearted folks to follow: loves pets and people being kind to each other.
@JB Carroll generously makes his tech knowledge accessible. (And he's on Friendica!)
@Passagier 451 generously boosts newbies and shares humor and joyful curiosities.
@Johnny Rei shares his enthusiastic love of nature.

If you decide to try out Friendica or Hubzilla and want to follow warm-hearted people from the #fediverse as well, I recommend starting with @Ignacio Gallup-Diaz and @Gwenfar, aka Julieanne.

Have fun, make friends, and block the nazis!

Update: Hey, it would have been helpful if I provided some links to learn about the Federation and Hubzilla. Fortunately, on Hubzilla, I can edit my post! Where to start:
* How the Free Network (Federation and Fediverse) work:
* Intro to Hubzilla:
* Where to find nodes (instances) of everything:

AlysonAlyson wrote the following post Sun, 14 Oct 2018 01:03:51 +0200
Welcome to the #gplusrefugees . It's energizing to see so many new faces embracing #diaspora .

The #federation is amazing invention, and a very different way of finding and connecting to others. Briefly, your pod (the part after the @ sign in your webbie) is one instance of the software platform known as Diaspora (which implements a protocol also called Diaspora). And Diaspora is just one platform in a multitude of other platforms that interconnect. You can connect with people on any platform that implements the Diaspora protocol (e.g., Friendica, Pleroma, Hubzilla, or Socialhome). For example, I usually post from my Hubzilla account ( @alysonsee ), and my posts from that account are seen by all of my D* friends and I see their posts. Here is a handy intro.

If you are looking for new friends out here, let me suggest some of the most welcoming, warm-hearted folks I've met: @Adam Hunt is always ready with a helpful hand, whether on the shoreline IRL or out here in the ether. @Jose Luis always brightens my day. @Birne Helene makes it easy to find other lovely and interesting Diasporans to connect with. @Sunyata makes me a better person just by being who he is.
@Philip Setnik , I forgot to tag you in my response above.
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Thanks for your generous sharing of information. I've been enjoying Pluspora but am not sure it's my best option.

Hubzilla seems to be feature rich (from reading about it.)

How does one intelligently select an instance? I di like that it seems fairly straightforward to move from one Hubzilla instance to another.

I dred the task of adding my list of Pluspora G+ Castaways to a new system.

this is too much work. 😎
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@Ron K Jeffries I've been trying out a Friendica instance, and it seems rather slow, and some of the links bring me back to pluspora. I'm sure that if I were to fire up another browser or clear my Cache out, the problem would be solved.

I've also thought of moving to another Federated Pod on one of those software platforms, but haven't found one that is working well, or it could a cookie issue as I've not cleared out my cache here. But yes, it seems like it's going to take more time and effort than I'm willing to put in at this time, considering that I don't get time to sit down at my computer during the week like I used to.
And what are you doing so far away and so cold?  :-) Morning!
@Manuel , this is a picture from my backyard! Please send me some sunshine from Spain. :)
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Wow, so white! Since I have had Zoya I have loved winter, especially with a lot of snow. But for now I'm happy that it's warm (19 Celsius degrees) and colorful. Stay warm!
Sunny spot

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Every 15 minutes, I drag their beds by a few inches to recenter them in the sunny spots. I need some enterprising engineer to figure out how to mount a dog bed on top of a Roomba and to reprogram it to follow the sunbeams. Please take me money!!



#dogs #milliondollaridea
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That would take a long time to get the hoovering done.. :-)
@squozebrain , that's hysterical. And a sound warning considering that I have an elderly dog that can't always make it through the day!
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@alysonsee Ok that made me laugh. I'm thinking maybe going with the command, Rover move over, might be the way to go. But then again I'm no expert :)

I’m not sure what I love more about this time of year:
- The quality of the sunlight.
- The color of the leaves.
- Wearing flannel shirts.
- Wearing knit sweaters.
- Eating pumpkin pie.
- Drinking hot apple cider.

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Thanks, @Manuel and @Birne Helene . We have a 130+ year old house. This window still has its original, leaded glass.
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oh oh oh <3
Feeling like a right idiot. I started working on my first bot on another site, got the feed posting automatically, but didn't work through the kinks before I had to zip off to a conference for a few days and then got sick while at the conference. So, I completely forgot to turn off the automation, thereby borking up the local timeline and ruining the UX for my new instance-mates.

<hides head> <*hopes to be forgiven for by new instance-mates *>
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whaAAaat?! now we have to beat you and beat you until we can beat you no more! or smile "such things happen"
Fortunately, it’s an instance for dog lovers, and dog lovers are easily soothed by pictures of cute pups, of which I have 3.
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:D excelle
First snow


We had our first snow of the season. The ground is still too warm for it to stick. Here was my view tonight in Colorado Springs as the snow fog lifted.

#colorado #photo
A lot of folks share strong opinions about politics, social justice, and podmins. I've stayed on the sidelines. So, I should probably come out with it and state that I am staunchly #TeamOxfordComma
Grammar GirlGrammar Girl wrote the following post Mon, 08 Oct 2018 23:16:59 +0200
"Any opportunity you get to add clarity, take it."

I talked with my editor, Joe Muscolino, about pet peeves, editing, and lyrics. #TeamOxfordComma.

Get the whole interview on Premium. Use the code 'GRAMMAR' for a free trial!

There are more of us than you know.
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i love the oxford comma! what's not to love?