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Upgrade Hubzilla to latest (3.8.x)?

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!Disroot Community What are the plans to upgrade the Hubzilla instance to the latest version?

The Hubzilla developer crew has been kind enough to fix issues found recently by me and other engaged Hubzilla users. I've also found issues on the Disroot instance that are fixed on my clone's instance, which is running 3.8.3.

I'm hoping this is a good place to ask this question. I posted it on the Disroot forum about 10 days ago in my thread about the ongoing issues with 504s and 502s but haven't gotten a response yet. I checked the Taiga boards for Disroot and Hubzilla on Disroot, and didn't see any plans for upgrades beyond 3.6.1. Just want to know if this is on the backlog and to get an idea of where they sit in the priority queue so that I can set my expectations appropriately.

Thanks for any insight you can share.
adding me back won't help much because i don't write a lot, but i posted a comment to your stream with a few tips how to find interesting contacts in the hubzilla network.
I'm a lot more active on diaspora so I'm not likely to get too involved here :)
yes we are planning to upgrade. and yes we are running behind a bit. this is because we have made few custom changes that now probably are in conflict with current hubzilla state. instead of keeping the custom changes we want to actually get rid of them and recent changes do allow us to do so. also the re-write of the way settings are handled by hubzilla since new version has change. this means we need to test the impact on our instance. we have spent some time to per-define many settings so that onboarding is as easy for newcommers as possible.
we are now serting up a test instance where we will work on the update. if everytjing goes smooth, we should be upgrading to new version somewhere next week.a
Link previews

!Hubzilla Support Forum

Why do some links in posts provide the preview picture and some don’t? I can see the preview when viewed in my Friendica feed but not in my Hubzilla feed. So, the linked page must have the appropriate OEmbed and/or Open Graph labels in it.

The dark-themed screenshot is from Hubzilla and the other from Friendica.


Thanks, @Mike Macgirvin .

Here’s a link to the Diaspora post in my feed:

And here’s the article it referenced:
OK, now I see what is going on. It's going to take a few days to set it straight.  The way embed information is handled in the Diaspora protocol  changed recently.  In fact we never embedded from Diaspora sources previously but just provided the links (as was done here), because there is no way of actually knowing if we were embedding twice (less than ideal). It seems somebody slipped in a fix to transmit the embed meta-data as a self-contained structural element in the posts - and that meta-data should contain the image, but this is all brand new Diaspora protocol stuff and this is the first I've seen it. The implementation isn't difficult but it does look a bit finicky.

This doesn't affect our "figure out what the heck that link is" algorithm at all, because it wasn't even involved - but it probably didn't hurt to upgrade it.
Sweet. Thanks for persevering! Now, I just need to figure out how to appeal to my podmin to keep this instance current. (It's at 3.6.1.)
Current scene:
alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sun, 04 Nov 2018 17:18:31 +0100
Cloudy Sundays are for hanging out in jammies and taking turns at belly rubs.

#dogs #mastodogs #dogsofthefediverse

Looks to me like you need a third arm ;-)
The Split, Season 1

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I've got one word to describe season 1 of "The Split": Overwrought.

Nobody portrays anguish like Nicola Walker. So, the storyline was, frankly, overkill. Also major points off for the portrayal of men: When the men behaved badly in the direction of women, they fell into such predictable tropes that they all just seemed shallow and dumb. But the women's faults came off as more nuanced and empathy-worthy. No, no, and no.

#television #bingewatching
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Friends and followers,

I'm going to spend a little time on my Friendica account so that I can better help Federation newbies navigate the user interfaces and features of the various platforms. (I'm already very familiar with Diaspora and Hubzilla, as those have been, in turn, my primary home for some months.) I'm also going to start beefing up the connections on my Hubzilla clone. (I want to experiment with swapping the primary and the clone see what I can learn from that too.)

So, if you follow me here, please also follow me on @Alyson See (Friendica). The more people I can interact with there, the more I can learn about navigating the features. And if you get a connection request from that account or from, please add me back and put me in whichever aspects/privacy groups you have for this account. You can tell the difference between my various alysonsee accounts based on the picture. I'll see about adding a D*, Hz, Fca to the channel names to help differentiate too.

Thanks for helping me help others!

#federation #friendica #hubzilla #diaspora #n00bie
Just be aware that channel cloning and federating via diaspora, activitypub and gnu-social is not compatible...
@Mario Vavti , yeah, I recently figured that out the hard way. So, if I ultimately wanted to switch my primary from Account 1 to Account 2, do I mark it as primary in Hubzilla and then redo all of the connection requests?
i don't think there is any other way. you can ask your (real) friends to keep all those accounts connected so they'd be there wherever you go.
Four Blocks, Season 1

Hopefully, I'm not being too spoilery by saying my favorite part of "Four Blocks" was the hidden moral of the story which is that the best way to get saved from a no-win situation is to adopt a dog.

Also recommended if you like gangsters, intrigue, double crossing, action, or beards.

#television #bingewatching
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Sunday was short-sleeve weather, and Pasha and I went cruising. Forecast for tonight: snow!

#dogs #dogsofthefederation #dogsofthefediverse #denver
alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sun, 28 Oct 2018 21:18:55 +0100
Sunny sundays are for cruising with Pasha.




i think i never voted in my whole life loudly crying face for a long time the options were SPD (social democrats, center-left), CDU (christian democrats, center-right), or FDP (free democrats, center-god-knows-what). i really didn't see a point then: was all the same anyway.

then, some 30+ years ago i left for india where i'm still living. during the last election i happened to be in berlin for a short visit and decided that, with all the neo-nazi stuff going on i simply had to vote. unfortunately i was registered in west bengal, means i would hava had to apply for a mail-vote, and when i found out it was already too late. so still: no vote from me...
@phanisvara das You are forgiven ;-) It must be a lot harder to keep up with what's going on, living that far away. I would imagine that you're a lot more concerned with local politics than with what's happening halfway around the globe.

@alysonsee Sorry, somehow your cruising dog post became about politics... my fault, I guess ;-) It's really hard to keep politics out of anything these days.
@Tanja I hear you. We are outnumbered by dogs in our house. And they tend to vote unanimously pro-chicken, pro-peanut butter, and anti-bath time. According to the dogs, we are freedom-hating treat hoarders who discriminate against those without opposable thumbs. :)
I just opened my mail-in ballot. Gotta say, I’ve never heard of the “Approval Voting” party. Let’s go their website and find out what they are about .... Um, so, if I prefer Linux and Apache, I guess they aren’t my candidate. #vote

Although my guess is, if it showed the Apache default page it still wouldn't make them look good :-D
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Kindly Hubzillans in the !Hubzilla Support Forum and !Hubzilla Users Support forums,

Another Hubzilla user and I are having trouble connecting to each other. I'm on (which is running 3.6.1 according to ). @Joltrast is on (which is running 3.9.3 according to ).

I add their channel using "Add New Connection" on the Connections page. In my list of connections, they appear with "not mutual" icon (red circle with a white line). And when i see their posts in my stream, it is not possible to comment or "like" them. This is also how they appear when I look at my list of connections from my clone on (which is running 3.8.1). According to Joltrast, they have added me back.

We have both tried deleting and re-adding the other. I seem to be the only connection that Joltrast has this issue with.

Any idea what might be going awry? Is problem between keyboard and chair?
If you can stomach dealing with PayPal directly, try

BountySource takes 10% on top of PayPal taking 10% so this way I might get one more beer out of the deal... ;-)
@Mike Macgirvin , agggh, I just missed this message. But you have hopefully received 80% of the beer money. Don't let your cows drink it all. :)
No worries at all. The exchange rate is working in my favour right now and nearly cancels out the processor fees. Thanks!
No Forks Allowed


On my walk to work, lunch bag in hand, I stopped at the city services building to get my neighborhood parking passes renewed. (Shhh, yes, I know I’m late.) Went through the scanners. Found out the hard way: NO FORKS ALLOWED.

Now that I think of it, I wouldn’t want to be forked by a grumpy citizen either. And they probably get a lot of those. I may adopt this as my new tag line. #denver #noforksallowed
Not to mention revision forks
Damn autocorrect. I recursed it (not recorded it).
Halloween pun involving goatsHalloween pun involving goats wrote the following post Mon, 22 Oct 2018 01:58:46 +0200
Are we sending albin dot social an endless stream of images of Arnold Schwarzenegger making shouty faces yet?

My spouse has returned from the last Costco run before the membership expires. We are prepared for toilet papering the neighborhood, should the mood strike.
alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sat, 20 Oct 2018 22:30:02 +0200
When it comes to the sunny spot, sharing is caring.


#dogs #dogsofthefederation #dogsofthefediverse
 from Diaspora
awesome dogs!
Thanks, @Lil' Beanie . They are my joys. Last night, the Italian Greyhound had breathing problems, so I propped her up along my chest and she slept there for hours. Pure bliss.
alysonseealysonsee wrote the following post Sat, 20 Oct 2018 22:30:02 +0200
When it comes to the sunny spot, sharing is caring.


#dogs #dogsofthefederation #dogsofthefediverse
The Man in the High Castle, 3 seasons

Here's my synopsis of "The Man in the High Castle" thus far. (No spoilers.)
Season 1 - Soundly based on a story by a popular novelist. Opened up a multiverse of possibilities.
Season 2 - Holy shit, we got renewed and there's no more of the novel left. What should we do?
Season 3 - Let's milk this and take an entire season to move the plot forward to what should have taken 2 episodes to accomplish.

Time = wasted.

#television #bingewatching
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 from Diaspora
I made it to episode 3 season 1 then removed it from my Prime watch-list.
You Are Wanted, Season 1

Finally got back to "You Are Wanted". It was a fast-paced, fun ride and made me want more OSINT-based intrigue (but perhaps with a little more detail and authenticity as, say, "Mr. Robot".)

I'm hoping season 2 can maintain the pace and geek appeal without going off to hand-wavy, technology-is-unquestionable-magic, James-Bond territory.

#television #bingewatching
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I’m so glad to have a connection with . The quality of engagement in his own posts and on others’ posts have made my experience of the Federation feel more personal and down-to-Earth. He notices and appreciates the small things in life. wrote the following post Sat, 20 Oct 2018 16:02:40 +0200
Hi Everyone,

Recently we've had a number of folks join Diaspora* from Google+. I'm making this post public in the hopes of making connections with others who share my interests. I am a long time member of the Free Software Foundation #fsf and thus finally responded a few months back to their encouragement to transition from Facebook to Free Software-based social media.

I am an immigrant. I moved from Canada to the USA in 1998 and became a citizen here in 2010. Of course most folks in the USA are either immigrants or have descended from immigrants. I live in Chandler, Arizona. So I guess the hashtags #canada, #immigrant, #usa, #chandler and #arizona would make sense.

I am a father of four daughters. Two of them are married and have children, thus I have four grandchildren. I married Wendy in 1985 when we were just 20 and 19. In all this I have been extremely blessed. I would now say, if you are a shy and under-confident nerdy guy who detects a bit of mutual interest, go for it! Ask her out! It took all the courage I could muster to ask Wendy on the first date but am so glad I did! Thus #father #daughters #grandpa #husband #grandchildren tags.

Wendy and I were life-long Jehovah's Witnesses until one day in October 2007 I left the faith. It is a long story that involved growing doubts over many years until one catalyst event gave us the courage to leave. So I can add #exjw to my tags.

I self-identify as an atheist but my views on this might be a bit different than others. For example I believe in all the normal things of life, like water is wet, wind can push you around, gravity sucks, the sun shines and stars are far away. I believe that objective truth exists and the scientific method is one of best tools to discover such. I believe what can be measured. However, I don't think it is possible to prove the non-existence of something, Thus I only assert that within the realm of my own personal experience I don't see compelling evidence for the existence of a creator/prayer-answering God like Jehovah, Allah, the Resurrected Jesus or Ganesh. At the same time I believe God does exist within the mind of the believer and as a shared concept in the minds of like-minder believers. In fact the entire external world is made meaningful within our brains as a mental model. Thus when someone says "I believe in God" I not only believe they believe that, but that it is true for them on a profound level. Thus lets add #religion #atheist #belief.

My experience over the years as a JW imbued within my a love of Scripture that has not gone away. I have read the Bible cover-to-cover several times. But I've gone a bit further. On my bucket-list is to read every major holy book at least once. So far that has been The Bible, Quran, The Book of Mormon and Bhagavad Gita. I'm now about 2/3 through the Apocrypha (these are extra Bible books some Christian groups consider canonical or worthy of consideration). Just a few verses away from completing Bel and the Dragon (an addition to the Bible book of Daniel). So lets add #bible #quran #bookofmormon #gita #apocrypha. Next-book suggestions welcome!

In 2015 my wife and I joined Valley Unitarian Universalist Congregation. The UUs are one religious group with a Christian heritage that is accepting of atheists. Since leaving the JWs my views on social justice issues like gay rights have also move in the direction compatible with the UU faith. So I'll add #uu #unitarian #universalist to my list.

It is not forbidden for a JW to go to college. But it was/is discouraged and thus I became a software engineer in a rather round-about way. When I saw my adult children go to college I decided to join em! So at 49 I started taking one online course per semester at Rio Salado College. I figure that I should be able to obtain my Associates of Science around the same time my current 15-year-old daughter is graduating from University. It is going slow, but the credit are starting to pile up. And if you're in your 50s and you think you're smarter than the average bear as I did -- take some college courses. It has been humbling but wonderful too. So must wrap this up to get back to LAT101 :-). #college #softwareenginer #programmer

Cheers everyone and welcome Google+ refugees.

 from Diaspora
Hi @alysonsee. I wouldn't mind getting the recipe if it is easy to post. My oldest daughter, Bailey, has celiacs and must eat gluten free. Cheers, -Randy
She uses this recipe with a few modifications:

1/4 c of almond meal, rather 1/3.
1 c of 2% milk rather than buttermilk. (Buttermilk makes it too thick.)
No honey or vanilla extract, because she doesn't like them sweet. That's what maple syrup is for. :)
 from Diaspora
Thank you!
Found on the sidewalk on the walk to work. Usually, it’s just discarded socks and food containers along the way. #denver #photo

(Photo: bible with cover ripped off, showing ToC, sprinkled with gold leaves)
The Davinci Code...
Now you know too much
The sun is back out and the snow has melted. I love having a job that requires me to get out for urban walks in #denver

You too, @Thom Horton !
@alysonsee The advantage of living in a small town, like me, is that you can walk from one place to another in any circumstance for any purpose :-)
@Manuel , that is ideal indeed.
Watching the final season of "A Place to Call Home".

"I'm not crying. It's just been raining on my face." - Jemaine Clement

#television #bingewatching
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