My new Fedigram instance

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a Snow & Sun day on the mountain

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hippy Caturday

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Wish List.

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KDE Slimbook
If any wonderful folk wish to acquire one of these for #BlueGreenSandbox we would happily share this resource locally! ??
@adinfinitum Let's facilitate Direct #Cooperative Action.
Tags: #kde #slimbook #community #disroot #Nomad

*via Nomad client (Source)
Mountain goats in the clouds

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FincaFood: Goats Cheese

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24 Hours Later!
Fresh Goats Cheese - with Rosemary & Garlic
Made in #LasAlpujarras by @Semilla Besada


Buena Vistas.

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My beautiful home.


Food from the Farm

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Introducing, CeiloTierra

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CeiloTierraCeiloTierra wrote the following post Tue, 02 Oct 2018 19:00:00 +0200
Ceilo Tierra [early Alpha]
Today we are delighted to announce the formation of Colectivo Ceilo Tierra.


#BlueGreenSandbox is an #opensource #offgrid #permaculture #technology initiative

We now seek #funding / #crowdfunding support for this new #opensource-org.

Freedom in action. Collaboration Welcome.

We accept #faircoin fN8EdGqVLH95jNVi7DinVaJi24R1FWXrcr & fiat currencies too!
:thanks @adinfinitum


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My external HDD has frozen & will not mount.
I have my backup data on here & really not wanting to lose it. Any assistance gratefully received.


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#ntfs #linux #fix
~# ntfsfix /dev/sdb1
try using gpart to guess partitions (not gparted, it's nother tool)
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Thanks @mrjive problem solved! 300gb of data rescued! Phew.
Now off to milk some goats!!

For that moment...

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...when your external HDD backup containing the last 18 months of project data, goes bye-bye!


For everything else there's...

#DemandTheImpossible #BlueGreenSandbox
Please Support: CeiloTierra. Contribute Freely.