User Manual by Recurse

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@CeiloTierra maybe a useful template?
making a case for PeerTube

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A Meeting of Friends.

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The #life we show on #socialnetworks lately has been transformed into just #photos and show something that sometimes does not exist or even corresponds to #reality.
I decided to follow a #friends suggestion and participate in an experience called "a meeting of friends".
The idea is to see who reads the post without photo.
If no one reads this #message, it will be a brief #SocialExperiment, but if you read it,
I request you make a comment with a word #AboutMe, for example an #object or #place that reminds you of me, Then copy this text on your wall and I will leave a word that reminds me of you, and please don't write the word if you don't have time to copy the text on your wall. That would ruin the experiment. Thank you!

My new instance

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My new Fedigram instance

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Crowdfunding by the EU

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Proposal for a
on European #Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) for Business

The Cathedral and the Bazaar

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Keep the Consumer Dissatisfied,

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source: Charles F. Kettering (1929)
Head of Research, General Motors Inc.
a higher dimension of thinking

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Emergence Theory

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by Quantum Gravity Research
[matrix] Privacy Policy

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Understand how your data is used

The Matrix protocol is designed with your privacy and data sovereignty in mind. Because it is a decentralised, federated service with cryptographically-validated message integrity, there are a few important things to know before you use the Service.

This Service (via the Matrix homeserver hosted at is run and managed by New Vector Ltd, the company formed in July 2017 to hire the Matrix core development team.

Services using the Matrix protocol rely on Matrix homeservers which share user data with the wider ecosystem over federation.

When you send messages or files in a room, a copy of the data is sent to all participants in the room. If these participants are registered on remote homeservers, your username, display name, messages and files may be replicated across each participating homeserver.We will forget your copy of your data upon your request. We will also forward your request onto federated homeservers. However - these homeservers are outside our span of control, so we cannot guarantee they will forget your data.Federated homeservers can be located anywhere in the world, and are subject to local laws and regulations.


Some Matrix rooms are bridged to third-party services, such as IRC networks, twitter or email. When a room has been bridged, your messages and media may be copied onto the bridged service.

It may not be technically possible to support your management of your data once it has been copied onto a bridged service.Bridged services can be located anywhere in the world, and are subject to local laws and regulations.

Integration Services (Bots and Widgets)

The homeserver provides a range of integrations in the form of Widgets (web applications accessed as part of the Matrix Client webapp) and Bots (automated participants in rooms). Bots and Widgets have access to the messages and files in rooms in which they participate.
Forgetting your Data

You can request that we forget your data if you deactivate your account. Each user in a Matrix conversation receives their own copy of all messages and files in that conversation (similar to email), so we ensure data is forgotten by ensuring that your data is not shared further and is not visible to future users. Once all users’ copies have been forgotten the messages and files will be deleted from the homeserver database. For full details, please see the full privacy notice.

If you remove (redact) a message, the message content will no longer be accessible to users. Redactions only remove message content, your display name and avatar - your username will still be visible. Federated homeservers and some matrix clients may not honour the redaction request.
Legal Basis for Processing

New Vector processes your data under Legitimate Interest. This means that we process your data only as necessary to deliver the Service, and in a manner that you understand and expect.

The Legitimate Interest of our Service is the provision of decentralised, openly-federated and (optionally) end-to-end encrypted communication services. The processing of user data we undertake is necessary to provide the Service. The nature of the Service and its implementation results in some caveats concerning this processing, particularly in terms of GDPR Article 17 Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten). We believe these caveats are in line with the broader societal interests served by providing the Service. These caveats are discussed in detail in the full privacy notice, but the most important restriction is that your username will still be publicly associated with rooms in which you have participated even if you deactivate your account and ask us to forget your data.

In situations where the interests of the individual appear to be in conflict with the broader societal interests, we will seek to reconcile those differences in accordance with our policy.

If any of the above are unacceptable to you, please do not use the Service.

Please review the full privacy notice and code of conduct before using this Service.

I have read and understood the full privacy notice and code of conduct

Please review the terms and conditions before using this Service.

I have read and understood the terms and conditions

You must be at least 16 years old to use this Service (

I am at least 16 years old.

You have already agreed to these terms and conditions, thank you.

If you would like us to stop processing your data (subject to the conditions outlined above and in the Privacy Policy), please deactivate your account and select the option asking us to forget your data.
a Snow & Sun day on the mountain

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hippy Caturday

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a DAT archive

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